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The Cast; Moses, In the Red Sea

A Pillar of Fire

Mr Dione, in God Drives a Flying Saucer also expressed the idea that there was a UFO present at the time the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea and throughout their wilderness wanderings.  He basis his theory on several statements found in the book of Exodus.  The Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night. Ex.13:12.  It is logical to assume that this was a pillar of cloud from a UFO by day and a light beaming down from it at night.  There is really nothing in this situation, which seems difficult to do with a flying saucer.

Some people, who do not accept the Bible as having been written by God, say that these miracles were just natural events.  It was the Jews good fortune to be at the right place at the right time to cash in on those natural events.  In response, many Christians get into a huff and insist that God was there and that he was working the miracles.  

However, on the other hand, someone else might say, yes, Jehovah was there and He is to be credited for every miracle that He performed from his spaceship.  Some of the same Christians still get into a snit because that idea also does not fit the traditional teaching.  

There is just no way that anything new can be brought to light because they are afraid that it will upset their God’s nature.  If He wants to, can the God of the Church not defend Himself against new theories?

We also notice in the story of the exodus that when the Egyptians were pursuing the Israelites a pillar of cloud, acting as a smoke screen, came between them and the Egyptians to hide the fleeing Israelites.  This would certainly be an effortless thing for an Almighty God to do.  It is also a simple task for Jehovah, in a flying saucer, to do.  Smoke is a common manifestation in association with UFOs.

Walls of Water

The association of great winds with spaceships has become almost instinctive.  This has happened because of many such reports, both from Biblical sources by the ancient Hebrews, from other ancient writings and from current secular reports.  From an ancient Indian epic, conservatively estimated to be five thousand years old, we learn that the flying machines, navigated at great heights with the aid of quicksilver and a great propulsive wind. 
In Search of Ancient Gods. Von Daniken. (Heron and Souvenir Press, New York. 1973. 

While the Israelites were escaping through the Red Sea, the Lord drove the sea back by a strong east wind.  Not only were the waters of the sea rolled back with a strong wind, but the waters were a wall to them on their right hand and on their left. Ex.14:21-22.  We must notice that the Bible says that a strong east wind drove the sea back.  Actually, the situation is impossible to imagine:
  • If the wind were strong enough to develop a tunnel for them to walk through, the Israelites would have been blown off their feet and into the waters of the Red Sea or, maybe, back into Egypt.
  • The Red Sea lies north to south and if the wind came from the East it would not create a tunnel in the water, it would blow a gigantic amount of water on to the Israelites who were waiting to walk on the river bed.
It has been proposed that spaceships can operate on the principle of anti-gravity.  That is, they can be put into a mode of operation in which the gravitational pull of the earth does not affect the space vehicle.  Furthermore, it is also believed that it is possible for a spacecraft to set up its own field of gravity.  That field of gravity would be powerful enough to make waters rise from the earth and to make it stand like walls as they did in the Red Sea at the time the Israelites were fleeing from Egypt.  Perhaps two, or more, spaceships would be needed to accomplish this feat; some on the right and some on the left, each side pulling the water from the centre toward itself.  The strong east wind that the Bible mentions could be the by-product of the anti-gravitational pull of the ufos.

There are several good reasons to believe that spaceships have their own source of gravity:  
  • people and saucerians need a central source of gravity to maintain their equilibrium in space.  
  • if a spaceship is to travel at “just below the speed of light” when it is close to a mass with gravity (the earth, for example), the UFO must have the characteristics of being totally weightless.  This can be accomplished by neutralizing the external gravity’s effect on the spaceship.
Lest we think that spaceships would not have the gravitational pull to lift the waters of the Red Sea from earth, because the gravitational pull of the earth would greatly override the UFO’s pull, let us consider the moon’s gravitational pull.  The moon is about two hundred thirty-eight thousand miles from the centre of the earth, its diameter is just over two thousand miles and its mass is only one forty-ninth that of the mass of the earth.  Yet, the waters of the earth and the earth itself are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon.  

Considering what the distance of the moon is from the earth in comparison to the distance a space vehicle would be, it is easy to believe that if a spaceship set up its own gravitational field, in opposition to the earth’s gravitational field, the spacecraft would have the potential of pulling water from the earth toward the spaceship.  

Following are a few statistics that show the comparative weakness of the gravitational pull of the earth.  Nuclear energy is one hundred times stronger than electromagnetism is, but electromagnetism is quadrillions of time stronger than gravity.  To state this conversely: Gravitational energy is 10-36 times weaker than electromagnetism and 10-38 times weaker than nuclear power.  
Kelly Seagraves in The Sons of God Return.  

That, being true, makes it easy to believe that spaceships could exert a gravitational pull that could be used to make the waters of the Red Sea stand up, like walls, on either side of the fleeing Israelites.

The “Red Sea” experience is by no means the last time the Lord has helped the nation of Israel by using UFOs.  Following is a quote from the Midnight/Globe, Oct.11,1977.   Many unusual incidents occurred during the six-day war. UFO’s were seen over the battlefield and both the Israeli’s and our government (the USA) have reports that Israeli troops were saved by miracles.  Later, the same author, Mr Barry, continued with these words Many UFOs seen on radar fly as fast as 33,000 miles an hour.

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