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The Cast: Ezekiel, The Reporter

A Close Encounter

The most amazing example of an Old Testament Close Encounter is the Book of Ezekiel. Read the beginning of Chapter 1…only imagine that it is a UFO landing.

With this idea in mind, Ezekiel’s experience is almost understandable. Ezekiel’s Book was so controversial that it nearly did not survive the religious editors who did throw out the Book of Enoch. … His Book should be in the Old Testament. It has surfaced from independent sources which validate the ancient text. The Book of Enoch was edited out of the Bible by the Ecumenical Council for its controversies. Enoch, like Ezekiel, was taken on many flights by the gods (angels) and witnessed great horrors and beauty
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I may have missed something in the Bible but I do not recall reading that Ezekiel ever was in a spaceship.

Ezekiel has of late come to be known as the man, in the Bible, who was involved with space vehicles.  Mr Von Daniken also ascribed this position to Ezekiel.  Mr Blumrich did a study attempting to prove Mr Von Daniken wrong concerning his opinions about Ezekiel and spaceships.  In his studies, he came to the same conclusions Mr Van Daniken held.  At the time that Mr Blumrich wrote his book, he was an engineer in charge of the NASA construction research group in Huntsville, Alabama.

Some say that Mr Blumrich was simply writing a fiction book, others strongly argue that point.  Perhaps he does push reasonableness a bit too far, but, really, it seems that apart from describing a UFO sighting, there is no reasonable way to interpret the book of Ezekiel.

In his document about the spaceships that Ezekiel saw, Mr Blumrich wrote, we are surprised to find a stage of technology that is in no way fantastic, but rather falls almost within the field of present-day addition the conclusions show a spaceship that was used in connection with a command module in orbit around the earth. The only fantastic thing is that such a spaceship was tangible reality more than 2,500 years ago”.     
In Search of Ancient Gods. Von Daniken (Heron and Souvenir Press, New York, N.Y.1973).

Von Daniken continues: He (Blumrich) goes on to say, it is possible to infer the general appearance of the spaceship described by Ezekiel from his account.  In the beginning of Ezekiel, the prophet wrote of the approach of four faces from above. In reality, the ‘four’ referred to the landing legs of the craft. Blumrich was shocked when he read the Old Testament report of ‘straight legs’ of ‘burnished brass’ with ’round feet.’ The NASA scientist himself designed the metallic, straight legs and round footpads of the lunar lander.
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Unexplained Mysteries; Posted Dec. 17, 2015:

Columnist: Doug Yurchey
Otis T. Carr and the Tesla saucers. Posted on Friday, 29 June 2007

Otis T. Carr (1904-1980?) was a protégé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. Carr and his team constructed a number of fully functional, flying saucers in the late 1950s. The flying disks worked and were demonstrated. Carr was serious about ‘taking his craft to the Moon.’ However, two weeks after a dramatic test flight, their laboratory was forcibly closed. Federal agents confiscated equipment as well as all documentation. Authorities told them Carr’s project would ‘destroy the monetary system of the United States.’ Ralph Ring, now aged 72, was aboard that incredible and successful test flight. He and Carr, with their 45-foot saucer, transported themselves 10 miles at the speed of light!

IMPORTANT: Click on the Project Camelot link and download Ralph Ring speak of Otis T. Carr, the events leading to the OTC crafts and the project’s eventual shutdown by the feds: - 

Mr Wilson, with his pseudo-Bible teaching, says that what Ezekiel saw could not have been a spacecraft because Ezekiel himself said that it was a vision.  
Clifford Wilson, Gods in Chariots and other Fantasies (Creation-Life Publishers, San Diego, Cal.)  

However, if we again check the Dictionary of Hebrew Words by Mr Strong, we find that the word, vision #4758, can refer to, an appearance (the thing seen) whether (real) ... or mental.  This definition certainly takes all the strength out of Mr Wilson’s argument that it could not have been a real spaceship.  According to Strong's definition, either argument stands.

The UFO is Described

In v.4 Ezekiel takes over the writing of his book, that is where it changes to the first person pronoun.  He, then, describes the vision as it appears to him.  It is impossible for people to write in unknown words or to express thoughts other than those with which they are familiar. 

It was not until the middle of the twentieth century that UFOs came to be known as flying saucers, and so, of course, Ezekiel does not call the thing he saw a flying saucer.  These words would have had no meaning to him or to his readers for the next 2,500 years. Perhaps, another reason he did not call it a flying saucer is that from close up, and standing on the earth, with its landing gear on the ground, it did not look like a saucer at all.

Rather than giving it a specific name, he describes it in detail.  His description starts with the, by now, familiar whirlwind, cloud and fire.  Why do these physical manifestations appear, when Jehovah shows Himself to humans if he is a spiritual being only?

In v.5 Ezekiel tells us that out of the fire came the likeness of four living creatures...they had the form of men.  He is not saying that they had all the features of humans, he is saying that the basic shape was cylindrical, like that of a human.  Why would they not be?  A landing module might well be equipped with four supports on which to make a soft landing, and these supports, in all likelihood, would be cylindrical, each one would have the form of a man.  The same way we see stationary UFO’s pictured these days.

In verse 6 he tells us that there were four propeller blades above each creature, similar to those used on helicopters.  The hands of a man that he speaks of are in reference to the hydraulic rods and their holders which are used to raise and lower the blades. He calls the blades, wings because he did not have a more accurate word to use.  

According to Ezekiel, the four wings were joined one to another; that is, to the central shaft, which would cause the wings to turn whenever the spaceship was to ascend or descend.  If we were reading here of regular ‘angels type wings’ it would seem strange that Ezekiel should say they turned not.  At least common opinion has it that angel’s wings do not turn, rather, they move back and forth.  

He is telling us that the wings could turn when it was necessary but that it was also possible for the UFO to move along the ground on its wheels without using its propellers.  In that mode of travel, the wings were folded away, two were folded up and two were folded down.  This was probably required because the blades were so wide that if all four had been folded in the same direction they could not all have been brought close to the landing gear.  This whole fascinating description is in Ezekiel chapter 1!

Not only was the landing module equipped with propellers, but it also had the use of jet propulsion, or something similar.  Ezekiel describes it in these words. In the midst of the living creatures there was something that looked like burning coals of fire, like torches moving to and fro among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning. 1:13.  After that, he noticed that there was one huge wheel by each cylindrical object.  Since when has the Omni-present God needed wheels to convey Himself from place to place?  

It is easy to see that the Lord of the Old Testament is a saucerian, with physical limitations.  He is a God who needs a UFO to conduct himself and other ET's and his angels (robots) from one planet to another.  As to the nature and the function of the wheels and the rest of the technical aspects of Ezekiel’s vision, Mr Blumrich has given an excellent treatise.  The Spaceships of Ezekiel, Joseph F. Blumrich.
Above the four cylinders, there was a firmament. One of the meanings of the word, firmament, is a vault The Prophets. Harpers Bible, BewerIn other words, that firmament was the living quarters and the control room of the landing module.  Ezekiel says that the four cylinders were attached to the vault, as indeed they would be if his vision were that of a UFO.

He also reports that the propeller blades, which he calls wings, made a noise, like the noise of great waters.  It was after the noise had ceased and the blades had been folded away that there came the voice from above the firmament over their heads. 1.22.  This was the voice of a saucerian, speaking through an amplifying apparatus.  

Ezekiel also mentions that seated above the likeness of a throne, was the likeness as it were of a human form. v.26.   The word, throne, is referring to the seat of the ship’s commander.  In verse 1 of the book, the writer says, I saw visions of God.  In v.26 Ezekiel clarifies that point and says, upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness as the appearance of a man above upon it.  

The God he saw had a human form and was sitting on a physical throne.  In this connection, it is profitable to read The Revelation 4:2-3After this I looked, and there in heaven a door stood open! … there in heaven stood a throne, with one seated on the throne!
The theory that Ezekiel saw a UFO and an ET, which he called God, makes far too much sense to reject it.  It is far more meaningful than the supposedly spiritual vision with which Ezekiel has been credited.  If we accept as a fact, that Ezekiel saw a spacecraft, the whole Bible becomes subject to similar interpretations, as indeed it should

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