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The Cast: Joshua, Head of the Demolition Force

Sound Waves for Effect

There are many ancient stories, which tell of the use of sound waves for accomplishing great feats.  If one was to accept these stories as fact, it is easy to see how the saucerians could assist their appointed nations with the use of sound waves.  There are stories, which tell of the use of sound waves to lift huge rocks; rocks, including “Baalbek”.  Writes one author; there is not a crane in the world today that could raise this monolith from the quarry.  He also wrote, Coptic writings relate the process by which blocks for the pyramids were elevated by the sound of chanting.  
We Are Not The First, Andrew Thomas. 

The estimated weight of the largest manmade stone block, in Baalbek, is 1650 tons. Interestingly the largest crane in the world today has a limit of 1200 tones. Nope, mankind's latest equipment is a bit too small for that job.

Did the aliens have a weightlifting tool that we know nothing about?  If lifting weights by sound was just a fairy tale from one culture, it would be easy to dismiss.  However, other peoples have similar stories.  For example the Islands of Nan Madol and the South Sea Islands, where one finds the statues of Easter Island tell of the same strange feats.  

From modern India comes the story of a rock which will rise from the ground if eleven people stand around it, touching it with their fingertips and all the while chanting, very clearly, Qamar Ali Dervish.  We Are Not The First; Andrew Thomas.  It is reported that this demonstration is happening about six times a day, every day and that tourists are invited to join in.

Sounds, of course, can be used for other things then lifting stones. From present-day examples, we have learned that some women can sing at so high a pitch that glass will shatter. We are also familiar with the sonic boom of supersonic jets, which can shake houses and break picture windows. 

Scientists are investigating the possibility of a death trumpet!  Professor Gavreau...built a genuine ‘death trumpet’ which developed 2,000 watts and sent out sound waves at 37 hertz (cycles per second). This apparatus could not be tested at full strength in Marseilles because it would have sent buildings crashing to the ground over a radius of several miles. 
Gods from Outer Space. Von Daniken, (Bantam Books, New York, N.Y.)

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

In the Old Testament, we read, As soon as the people heard the sound of the trumpet, the people raised a great shout, and the wall fell down flat. Joshua 6:20. To attribute the destruction of the walls of Jericho to sound waves is merely a suggestion as to how Jehovah, working for the Israelites, could have performed the miracle.  

It has been suggested that there was an earthquake at Jericho at the same time and that is the reason the walls fell; and that the Israelites were simply in the right place at the right time. If that theory is true, why did the people need to shout and why did the priests need to blow on the trumpets?

If we answer; the shouting of the people and the blowing of the trumpets were a sign of the faith of the people, we are forced to ask again, why does an all-knowing God need to see signs of faith?  Surely, He would know whether the faith was present without an audible representation of it.  The suggestion made here is that the priests were blowing their death trumpets, which caused the walls to shatter.  The shout of the people was a shout of joy because they had succeeded in gaining entrance into the city.

"ATB (Above Top Secret) Blog" we get the following two submissions:

In my research into all things unexplained, I've come across numerous ancient(and one modern) accounts of large stones moved with sound. the walls of Jericho come a'tumblin down to the sound of trumpets. There is a papyrus…from ancient Egypt describing the pyramids being built by "priests who struck the stone with their staff and played a trumpet moving the stones into place as if by magic", various retellings of merlin erecting stonehenge center around this theme as well. And there is a modern account by the british royal scientific society … observing priests in Tibet around the 1940's standing in a semi circle around a 5 ton stone with an array of musical instruments and chanting causing the stone to lift off the ground and place it's self into a retaining wall being built. I believe the stone also had a circular depression at the top filled with water. And certain sensitive microchips are assembled suspended in air by a certain frequency so as to avoid damaging the goods through improper handling. 
Feb. 9, 2008 by siahchi

A reply to that was posted on Mar. 9, 2008 by R.F. Burns

At the right amplitude and frequency, sound waves can do some awsome things. 

Like shatter objects of varying materials. Induce magnetic properties into certian metals. 

Resonance....shoot something that has its own resonant frequency with an identical or harmonic wave with enough amplitude and you can resonate that object till it either falls apart or begins to move due to vibration at the resonant frequency. 

As far as the ancinets using sound, they understood the basic principle of wave guide techniques in allowing them to build amplitheatres where the voices of the actors/singers on stage would be amplified by the structure itself so that the crowd in the entire seating area would hear just fine.

Some argue that since using sound waves to move heavy objects cannot be proven to work, that theory should just be put to rest.  In response to that argument I ask, What if the Wright Brothers would have followed the same type of reasoning of not trying something unproven?  What if Louis Pasteur would not have looked past what was “fact” in his day? 

Does the use of sound waves, to move objects, really seem too wild to accept in our time of myriad inventions? Here is a requote: That which was impossible yesterday becomes possible today and tomorrow we will wonder why we ever thought it impossible. 
Dione, God Drives a Flying Saucer,

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