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The Cast: Daniel, the Prognosticator

Laser Emitters In The Bible

It was recently mentioned that the word, vision, can refer to, either, a mental image, or, to the seeing of a real object. It seems that many visions of the Bible, and throughout church history, have been enacted by a saucerian cast and then electrically portrayed to certain individuals.

In 586 BCE the Babylonian army successfully fought against Judah and took many of its elite citizens as captives back to Babylon.   For the background to this bit of history, I suggest:

Daniel and his friends were among those who were taken away.  King Nebuchadnezzar was interested in having new ideas among the prestigious in his court, and so he arranged to have the smartest and most handsome Jewish young men move into the palace.  Besides being ten times better than that of any of his other advisors and magicians. Daniel also had the gift of interpreting dreams.  More than that, though, Daniel could even tell the king what the king had dreamed.

For a little of the following piece of history see:                              

After Belshazzar ascended the throne of Babylon, one evening while the court was partying and drinking, Suddenly a human hand was seen writing on the plaster wall of the palace. The hand was just behind the lampstand, and the king could see it writing.  Daniel 5:5.  That which was written was Jehovah's message to King Belshazzar.  

We have been taught that it was God who wrote the message, even though the Bible does not say that.  If the Almighty, non-physical God, did the writing, why did a human looking hand also appear in the vision?  The spiritual, ever-present God does not have hands – or, at least, that is what the Bible teachers have told us.  

It is much more logical to believe that many visions were being acted out on a spacecraft and that something like a camera and a transmitter were being used to show the vision to earthlings.  The people throughout history who have seen visions did not have physical receivers, such as TVs, with which to pick up the signals.  Therefore, another kind of transmitter was required.

Modern day science has developed that kind of transmitter.  It is possible with a laser emitter to portray a scene on any wall, the way Belshazzar saw it, or even in mid-air.  (I have seen a laser emitter write words in the air.)  There is nothing to indicate that devices similar to this could not have been used by scientifically progressive saucerians.

Many spectacular sights, or visions, have been seen against the backdrop of the sky.  Reference to one such vision is evidence of its possibility.  The sightings of, The Lady of Fatima, as the vision has come to be known, began happening in the spring of 1916 in...Portugal.

Three youngsters, ... [were] tending sheep when suddenly a strong wind swept along the hillside...a ball of light came steadily toward them until they were enveloped in it, and then they saw the luminous figure of a man materialize in the glow.” If this was all that would have happened concerning that vision one could discard it as fantasy of children at play. However, in different forms the vision kept on repeating itself to many different people at specifically pre-stated times. At first, it was the angel who called himself “the angel of Portugal”. The later visions were of “Our Lady of Fatima", she never came down to the ground, seeming always to float at the top of a small holm oak. God Drives a Flying Saucer. Dione. Bantam Books, New York.

June 13, about fifty curious onlookers saw the vision.   The vision of July 13 was witnessed by more than 3000 sightseers and more than 20,000 people saw the vision in Sept.   If so many people agree on having seen the same thing at the same time, we are almost forced to concede that the sightings are real.   

To insist that these visions are Satan inspired is to contradict Christ.   In all these visions, the message was for the people to start praying and to live a God-pleasing life.  If Satan was to teach that message, his "house” would be divided against itself and it would collapse by his own doing.  This, according to Christ, is not going to happen.

Sometimes, in the past, when the gods had a special message for the world they would draw pictures or write words in the sky.  Until now, this has seemed so fantastic to humans that they have believed them to come from the Almighty.  

Times are changing, even humans can write words in the sky or portray pictures in mid-air.  The gods will need to come up with a new technique for communicating with us if we are to continue believing that they are infinite.  If they do not, we may not much longer hear what they are saying to us because their method of communication will no longer appear to be supernatural.


I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him. Dan.7:13.KJV.  In this verse Daniel is seeing the future; the setting is in preparation for the white throne judgement, which all people will face, at the end of time. Daniel 7:22.

Even if he would have used the word “vision” throughout the book, it still does not rule out the idea of seeing something physically.  Dr Strong tells us that, in Greek, the word, vision, #4758, means, the act of gazing.  It can mean, either (external) an aspect or (internal) an inspired appearance.  So, according to Dr Strong, the word, vision, leaves the meaning wide open to be a spiritual vision, as we normally think of biblical visions, or it can be a scene which can be seen with physical eyes.

In Daniel's vision, again, we see the, almost proverbial, clouds associated with a UFO, and coming in the clouds is Christ Jesus, the son of man.  He is brought into the presence of Jehovah, His Father.

Daniel sees Jehovah sitting on His throne.  Most older translations describe Jehovah as the Ancient of Days, but some newer translations have changed it to, the Eternal God.  Again, it appears that they did this to make the Bible agree with church theology.  

Strong, in his Dictionary of Hebrew Words, tells us that, Ancient (#6268) of days, does not mean, the Eternal God, but it means, venerable; old.  There is absolutely nothing in this story that speaks of Jehovah as being eternal or almighty.  However, it tells us that Jehovah has aged!

Which leaves lots of room for us to believe that He is an alien!

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