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The Cast: Elijah, The Weatherman

UFO's Galore

A strong wind, a shaking of the earth and fires are common occurrences in many reports on UFO landings.  There is a near modern-day vision, which has come to be known as “Our Lady of Fatima”.  In this vision, a few children of Portugal, like Elijah, first experienced a strong wind, then a ball of light, after which they, like Elijah, heard the voice of a saucerian.

In the early 1960s, in many of the daily newspapers, there appeared a photograph of some officials standing on a paved road with a huge hole burned through the pavement.  The story was that, the night before, a flying saucer had landed there and that at take-off, probably, it had burned the hole through the pavement.

Many incidents of UFO sightings have been reported.  Most of them include a bright shining object.  There is a report of an incident, from the captain of a Lufthansa aircraft, which is said to have happened Feb. 15, 1967.  The captain reports, He and four members of the crew...saw close to their own machine a flying object with a diameter of about thirty-three feet that shone dazzlingly and flew alongside them for some time.

Modern times, better cameras and equipment, people devoting their lives to spotting Ufo's have done a lot to verify their existence to a point where most thinking people accept them as being real.

And Then Their Was Elijah

Elijah was hiding in a cave, afraid for his life, for the Jews were destroying the prophets of the Lord.  The Lord spoke to Elijah and said Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord.  Then we read that the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire. 1 Kings 19:11.  

The setting, as described here, has all the requirements needed for the landing of a UFO.  If this story were found any place, rather than in the Bible, it would be ridiculed and called fiction; since it is in the Bible, scholars simply say, it does not mean what it says, it must not be taken literally.

Israel, in the time of Elijah, was suffering a drought, because they had forsaken the Lord and gone after other gods, especially Baal.  Elijah set up a contest between himself and the prophets of Baal.  The God who made it rain would be chosen as the God of Israel.  Elijah gave them every advantage they needed to win the contest.  Even so, they lost.  Then the Israelites fell to the ground, saying, The Lord, He is God! the Lord, He is God! 1 Kings 18:39.  

It was then that the weather began to change for Israel.  Elijah went to the top of the mountain and began praying.  He had already told Ahab, the king, to go and become festive, for there was the sound of abundance of rain.  However, it was not raining yet!  What was Elijah hearing?  

Perhaps, it was the sound of a spacecraft.  Why did his servant have to go seven times to look if it was getting cloudy?  Did it take the saucerians that long to collect the water and produce clouds above Israel?  If the Almighty sent this rain, would it not have been ready as soon as the Jews worshipped God?  

How could making rain be done with UFOs?  Several theories are available.  First, if an area was suffering a drought due to natural conditions, and the Lord, the captain of the spaceship, wanted that area to have rain, He could arrange to do it through the anti-gravitational effect of the spacecraft.  

By lifting water out of the sea, and taking it to a place above the land that was drought-stricken, He could release it as slowly or quickly as he wished to.  However, if a system such as this, or one similar to this, was used, it would be mandatory to distil the salt water on the spacecraft before it was released as rain, on the land.  

If, however, the Lord wanted to produce a drought, to bring His people to repentance, a counter-action could be employed.  If the country, because of natural weather conditions, was having "lovely growing weather", the Lord could simply, with gravity, attract the clouds to the spaceship, take them out to sea and drop the water there.

A second theory is similar except that heat would be used to evaporate and lift the water of the sea, then bring it to the appointed place and release it as rain.  This theory carries with it the possibility of producing hailstones, sleet or snow exactly in accordance with the Lord’s wishes, through cycles of heat and cold.  By using heat rather than gravitational pull, the need for a separate process of distillation would be eliminated, because distillation would already have taken place at the time of evaporation.

That UFOs can radiate unbelievable heat...over wide areas, is substantiated by a number of eyewitness reports...Oct. 20,1954...Robert Reveille saw a UFO. It fluttered and bobbed just above the trees; a strange discoid object about twenty feet in diameter. As he watched he noticed a perceptible rise in the temperature, and in just a few moments the craft bolted upward and was quickly lost from sight. Seconds later a thick fog rose from the woods, and Reveille reports, “the heat grew intolerable”...Reveille discovered that despite the rain, the site was completely dry. 
Dione, God Drives a Flying Saucer.

Elijah is Taken

Towards the end of Elijah’s life on earth, we read of him and Elisha; as they still went on and talked, behold, a chariot of fire and horses of fire separated the two of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. 2 Kings 2:11.  According To Dr Strong, the word, heaven, in the Old Testament has two meanings.  First, the which the birds fly, and second, the higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve.  

In this case, Elisha recorded what he thought he experienced.  We, however, know that a natural whirlwind could not have taken Elijah to heaven, the place of Jehovah’s abode.  Neither could a natural whirlwind have taken him to the higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve.  

Therefore, it must be agreed, that, it was not a natural whirlwind that took Elijah away.  It is accepted by many that at the time of take-off, in some instances, UFOs create a gigantic wind, that is circular in motion, resembling a whirlwind.  It was a fiery chariot, that made the whirlwind, which took Elijah away.  

Elisha made a big deal about the chariots of Israel with its horsemen.  However, he offers no description of the whirlwind which, to him, seems incidental.

Not only were there chariots of fire, but there were also horses of fire.  Dr Wilson suggests, in contention, that if one accepts the chariots as being literal one must also accept the horses as being literal.  He says that the Jews had no trouble accepting these statements as being symbolic.  

Possibly so, however, I would carry his trend of thinking another step.  I propose that the symbolism involved is a chariot: the UFO is real but Elisha was limited to using words and expressing ideas he knew, and words and ideas that his hearers (readers) could understand.  According to him, anything that people could ride is called a chariot.  The symbolic meaning of horses is horsepower.  Elisha, speaking as directly as he could, in his frame of reference, with words and ideas he knew, called the fire of the UFO power source, at the time of taking off, fiery horses.

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