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Out of the Dust of the Ground

Aeons of Evolution

Scientists have proven, beyond doubt, that the earth is much more than six thousand years old.  Most Bible scholars have no difficulty accepting this fact.  It simply means that the six days of creation were not actual twenty-four hour days but rather aeons of time.  Anyway, why would a day have been twenty-four hours long before the sun was even created?

It has even been suggested that when Moses wrote, The evening and the morning were the first day, and, the evening and the morning were the second day, etc., he was referring to the time in which he saw the “video” which portrayed the events that are recorded.  For example, on the third day, he watched the “video” which showed when the world first began turning green and the first of the trees began to grow; and so on, for the six days in which he was watching “videos”.  On the seventh day, the Lord rested, (took a day off) from showing "videos".

Beyond doubt, also, are the findings that mutations and evolutionary changes have taken place.  Nor are these theories contrary to the teachings of the Bible.  However, anthropologists and archaeologists hit a snag when they look for “the missing link”.  Mutations, evolution, aeons of time all fit into the Bible narrative.  However, animal, evolving into human, does not.  At that point, where the missing link ought to be found, the Gods of the Bible (ET's) stepped in.  …there is convincing evidence to suggest that there was alien contact with this world and that it occurred more than 500 years before the Great Pyramid was built.

The statement of a witness, in a court of law, is acceptable as evidence and more credence is placed on this testimony when several people tell the same story. When it comes to Early World stories about extra-terrestrial visits to this planet, scholars regard them as myth even though thousands of initiated people, throughout the Ancient World, were taught that a being from the sky-world, sometimes with several companions, helped civilize their ancestors.
Although the Ancients gave this entity a variety of names, such as Viracocha in Peru and Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, he was often described as having the appearance of a tall, white, bearded man who wore a long white robe. The Ancients worshiped him as a god and some people were so amazed, when they saw him, that they thought he was the Creator. 
Alien contact – Fact or Fiction. By: Leonard Farra

Instant Success

At a certain point in time, The ET's implanted enlightenment into Adam and man became a new, thinking creation.  After that “operation”, humans were no longer beings which operated by instinct only, because God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soulGen. 2:7.

The word living here refers to an enhanced life, a quality of life that animals do not share with humans.  Man became alive with spirit after the Gods breathed into him the breath of life, but animals have no spirit since the ET's did not breath into them the breath of life as they did into the humans.

That was an instant “quantum leap”, hence no gradually developed missing link can be found.  However, this incident of becoming a living being did not endue them with the knowledge of sin; of right or wrong.  That was another incident altogether.

Specific details are given about the celestial beings, in the place called ‘heaven’ in Revelation, and this information, and the symbolism associated with them, suggests that the story of John’s ‘close encounter’ is based upon traditions associated with those entities who, 3,000  years earlier, were known to the Sumerians as the Annunaki-the Shining Ones. The Annunaki who, many researchers believe to have been Extra-terrestrials, were worshipped by the Sumerians as gods. Legend says that they first helped to civilise man but they later destroyed the evil people, on this planet, with a huge flood. The Sumerians arrived in Southern Iraq fully civilised, 5,000 years ago, and their scribes say that they were survivors of the Flood.  Civilisation, in various parts of the world, suddenly sprang up fully developed, at that time, and there is also evidence of flooding and a sudden dramatic climate change.  In other words, this era was not the Dawn of Civilisation, as most scholars believe, but its rebirth after the destruction of the previous age. 
Creation of Mankind – Sitchin’s View — World Mysteries Blog

There is a source of information, dating back to Sumerian times, about 5,000 years ago, about which Mr Sitchin says, The long and slow process of human evolution was “jumped-over” by the help of the Anunnaki (Ancient gods) creating us sooner than we could have ever evolved on our own. Except for the Knowing and the Longevity, by increasing to the level desired by the Anunnaki, we can best understand how the first human were created in its simplified story in Genesis; it involved the use of “clay” and by “breathing” the life into its nostrils.
Creation of Mankind – Sitchin’s View — World Mysteries Blog

The Book of Ecclesiasticus in The Apocrypha, as to the early development of mankind, states, They received the use of the five operations of the Lord, and in the sixth place he imparted them understanding, and in the seventh speech. Ecclesiasticus 17:5.  

The five operations undoubtedly refer to our five senses, which we have in common with the animals.  Later, at the point where Adam received understanding, he became human.  Out of that understanding, with the Lord’s gift of speech (physically), came the ability to talk.

Many Bible students, including James B. Pritchard, an archaeologist, believe that when Moses wrote the Book of Genesis, he based his writings on Babylonian folklore, which he had heard from the Jews.  These were stories, which they had originally received from their father Abraham who had brought these tales with him from Ur.  It was in Chaldea that The Epic of Gilgamesh originated.  

Mr Pritchard says, the Hebrew writers made use of traditions which were ready at hand as a means of presenting their own views about religion and life.  
Archaeology and The Old Testament, James B. Pritchard, (Princeton, New Jersey)

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