Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Spiritual, Non Physical God

Anthropomor What?

If we believe that the gods of the Bible are ET's we certainly do not believe that they are only spiritual-beings, without physical bodies.  

In spite of the fact that in the Bible, Jehovah is spoken of as having feet, hands, arms, eyes and other characteristics that humans also have the church has taught us that God is spiritual only.  Theologians call these physical attributes, anthropomorphisms.  

That means that the Bible speaks of God as being physical, even though He is not so that humans can better grasp the idea of what God is like.  Why not accept that the physical attributes of God, as found in the Bible, are actual?  Based on what the Bible teaches it is much more logical to believe that a superhuman being from another planet, (the Jehovah of the Bible), in fact, is physical?

Is God a Spiritual Being Only?

The Bible very clearly teaches that God has physical and emotional characteristics.  The claim is made that Jehovah is invisible because, those theologians who teach that say that, the Bible says that God is a spirit.  In the fourth Gospel, John writes, God is spirit. John 4:24.  It is vital to note that the Greek text and the more trustworthy versions of the New Testament do not include the word "a".  If John had meant to write that Jehovah was only ethereal (without a physical body), he would have needed to include the word a so that it would read God is a spirit.   But he did not include the word a, and so John 4:24 has no argument that God is not a physical being.

To be sure, the Bible speaks of the spirit of God; God has spirit as we also have spirit; after all, we are in His image.  John is saying that God is not wood, stone, or other inanimate object but that He is alive with spirit.  

Isaiah said, my eyes have seen the King, Jehovah of Hosts. 6:5.  Notice here what Bible teachers do to the Scriptures just to foster their own false teachings and the idea that Jehovah cannot be seen.  Lord, — here Adonai, (6:1) Jehovah.  In spite of the fact that the commentator has just told us that the word, Adonai, means Jehovah, he proceeds to say, Jesus Christ is meant.   To foster his point he uses John 12:41 which says, Isaiah said these things when he saw His (Jehovah's) glory and spoke of Him.  Isaiah could only have “seen” the Son, not the divine essence. Jamieson, Fausett and Brown.  This statement JFB makes, even though they just agreed that Isaiah said that he had seen Jehovah.  Even those who believe in the Trinity do not believe that Jesus Christ is Jehovah.

Admittedly, the Bible says the Jehovah is invisible.  The Bible also says that some people have seen Him.  So let us not blindly hold to one side of the argument, and without even thinking reject the other side of the argument.  Is it not possible that when Bible writers spoke of Jehovah as being invisible they meant that to regular humans, in a normal situation, He is invisible?  When He wants to show Himself as His normal physical self He can do that.

Most of us who believe that ET's have, and are, visiting planet earth have to admit that, to us, they are invisible.  Perhaps this is exactly what the Bible writers had in mind when they wrote that "God is invisible".

Does the Christian religion really have to be illogical?  Insert ET's and spaceships where the Bible speaks of God/gods and suddenly a new illuminating light shines on the inspired pages.

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