Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Curtain Falls

Maybe I Will Meet You In Another Blog!

There is evidence that our REAL prehistory was similar to science-fiction. Most people either reject the Bible as nonsense or believe it is the absolute word of the Supreme Being. The Bible is the most amazing account of Close Encounters. The events were real; they happened; but the truth is extraordinary. 
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The ancient legends continue to add depth of meaning to the Bible.  When the legends tell of the same things that the Bible does is it right to discard the legends and cling blindly to what we have been taught the Bible says?  

No! Rather let the folklore of the cultures of the world tell us plainly that which we refuse to accept from the Bible.  

Why must we insist that one book is totally ‘God-breathed’ and that Satan inspired everything else that was written in olden times, even though the two agree in their facts, and even though parts of the Bible are copies of earlier versions of the same events?

Here is a very valid point to remember when studying the Bible: The recording of history with literal exactness of detail is a fairly modern development. At the time, (the Bible was written) precise fact was far less important than the spiritual message of the stories shared. Readers Digest, Jesus and His Times, 1987.

Did the saucerians of ancient times purposely give us the idea that they were gods?  
Was that concept just incidental? 
Were some of the ancient writings inspired by ‘good’ saucerians and others by ‘bad’ saucerians?

Surely, unintentionally, statements have been made in these posts that have offended some. Unanswered questions have been raised.  Unexplained references have been made to some of the greatest, most sacred teachings of the church.   

Even though not all the necessary ground has been covered, I do believe that the door of legitimate questioning is open in a land of "freedom of religion".  It is encouraging to find that many other thoughtful people have entered through the open door and are amplifying and explaining the ideas that have also been presented in this blog.

Thank you to all of you who have read, shared and +1d my posts.  I have come to the end of this series of posts.  I have done many other posts but, by and large, they are straightforward Bible study and do not touch very much on the topic of aliens and ufos.

So, thanks again for reading and, hopefully, enjoying my posts. 

May the force be with you!

Goodbye for now.

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