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Not at Odds With Each Other

The following material is a study of the biblical content from the point of view that superhuman beings came from another planet, maybe planets, to start and maintain life on this globe of ours. 

That combination resulted in the title Spaceship Theology.  These superhuman beings are often called saucerians because they came in vehicles commonly known as flying saucers. Sometimes they are called ET's (extraterrestrials) because they are from other planets.  It is here affirmed that it is these ET's that are the Gods of the Bible.  A close study of the Bible, from this point of view, will show that it is not as wild as it sounds.

If you are not interested in, or adverse to, studying the Bible, this blog will not be to your liking; but before you leave, let me assure you that I do not teach the Bible the way your Sunday School teacher did!

My purpose in this blog is to ask some of those questions that church leaders will not let us ask, without shunning or shaming us, because these questions do not succumb to their memorized answers. The problem is, their “stock” answers do not even begin to delve into the depth of these questions.

Here Bible quotations are printed in red. Quotations from other writers are in blue, and my own quotes and paraphrases are printed in pink.

I believe that the Christian's Bible deserves a lot of credit for teaching high moral standards and for explaining, in a non-scientific manner, how the world and people came to be. 

However, in spite of its high standards the fact remains, that the Bible says one thing, and at a different place, it says the exact opposite.  

For example: in the Old Testament we read, Then Moses went up, also Aaron, ... and they saw the God of Israel. Ex. 24:9-10.   However, later, Saint John wrote, No one has seen God at any time. 1 John 4:12.  There is a misunderstanding somewhere.  

Both of these Bible writers cannot have meant what we read them to have said. Perhaps more details from each writer would have clarified what each meant to express; there is no doubt, based on the Bible record, that Moses was writing about Jehovah and that perhaps John was referring to the Akashic field.  We will have much more about these topics in future posts.

Scoffers: of course!

It is to be expected that the majority of religious or scientific people will not accept “spaceship Theology”.   This is because it is contrary to their religious beliefs or because the existence of spaceships is still unproven to most people’s satisfaction.  This is nothing to be alarmed at, for neither did the religious people accept Christ when he came as the Messiah. 

Many hours of reading and gathering of facts have gone into this joining together of spaceships and theology.  To date, I have found no facts which cause any obstacles between a close union between UFOlogy and a real and vital acceptance of the Scriptures. Therefore, the attempt will be made to combine current thoughts concerning spaceships and the Scriptures into harmonious unity. 

The following posts make no effort to verify or explain the existence or the presence of spaceships.  It takes, as fact, their verity and presence as the basis on which to stand. 

There are hundreds of books available to prove and to disprove the reality or meaningful association of humans with saucerians.  Anyone interested in being influenced by those books will find them on a computer search engine, in any good library or in any substantial bookstore.

Whether it is right or wrong “Spaceship Theology”, as a teaching, has come to visit the modern church; and the church must eventually take a serious look at it.  Clearly, these ideas disagree with the teachings of the church, but many are not contrary to the teachings of the Bible.  

Let us dare set aside the trite answers the church has taught us and let us be willing to ask dangerous questions and express viewpoints other than we have learned from church leaders.

The following is a statement made by Charles Hunting in a radio talk show in 1988 on WKIS, Florida.

But I think I've gained a great empathy for people who stop thinking for themselves and start believing what they hear, have heard, and are hearing over and over again. People can believe almost anything. This includes a student I had at Ambassador College who had been taught from his youth that the world was flat. This was in the age of merchant marines and Sputnik. His father had taught him and it was so deeply ingrained in his mind that the earth was flat that he still had a difficult time with it. … We have learned so much by habit pattern, and thinking in that habit pattern makes the world a lot simpler to live in."  Bold emphasis mine.

I am saying, if you believe the Bible to be the Word of God, read it carefully, with an open mind and trust it.  Do not trust what you read in my posts.  Do not trust your preacher or priest.  Find out, for yourself, what the Bible really says. I did and have been so very, very surprised at the results.


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